We have released Beta 9 32 bit and Beta 9 64 bit with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Using the editor find function with excluded strings or comments, did not always work correctly
  • Object popup menu items for Plug-Ins were missing
  • Window List connection indicator height did not match the status icon height
  • Large Data Editor Lock/Unlock button did not behave properly for read-only result sets
  • Grid sort buttons were not clearly visible in dark color mode
  • When opening a workset at startup, the USERID command-line parameter would be ignored
  • Editor copy now only includes the font colors when using light color theme mode
  • Numbers were not always highlighted correctly in the editor
  • Editor column editing with a column width of 0 did not work correctly
  • Editor find regular expressions popup colors were not correct
  • Single Document Interface Window tab height reduced
  • Plug-In interface functions added for Style support (SupportsStyles, IDE_GetCurrentStyle)

Marco Kalter
Allround Automations