We have released Beta 5 32 bit and Beta 5 64 bit with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Help > Check Online Updates selected line colors could be incorrect
  • Command Window status line error messages could be vertically misaligned
  • Mouse wheel scrolling in a grid did not update the scrollbar
  • Window List indicator colors improved for the selected window
  • Logon History list in the preferences made wider
  • Preference added: Use default Alt shortcuts for Ribbon
  • Comment Line function (Ctrl -) now also works for multiple selected lines
  • Selecting text from the Command Window error text would navigate to the Editor tab page
  • Improved icon colors for the Object Browser and Connection List
  • Using a function key for the "Object: Rename" function did not always focus on the name field
  • Preference Search list color could be incorrect
  • Starting PL/SQL Developer with a Workset now suppresses the initial logon dialog
  • Program Window Code Contents buttons did not have enough space
  • Export User Objects did not conform to the file encoding preferences (ANSI/UTF8/BOM)
  • Ribbon Display Options button removed
  • Key configuration did not always work correctly

Marco Kalter
Allround Automations