We have released Beta 4 32 bit and Beta 4 64 bit with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Test Window yellow background for changed variable values did not work properly in dark mode
  • Command Window selection color on the "Dialog" tab page did not work properly in dark mode
  • Hyperlink navigation in the debugger could cause a hang-up
  • Scrolling with the mouse wheel did not work everywhere
  • Sorting in the File Browser could cause an error
  • Status now show selection length next to cursor location (line:col [length])
  • Editor colors in light mode could be incorrect (colors will be reset after update)
  • Printing in dark mode will now always be black & white
  • Tree view horizontal scrollbar did not match the contents
  • When selecting a workset, the focus is now immediately on the filter field
  • Tool tip text could be truncated
  • Status indicators in light mode are now light instead of black when off
  • SQL Window result tab selecting/pinning could cause various error messages

Marco Kalter
Allround Automations