We have released Beta 3 32 bit and Beta 3 64 bit with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • SQL Window Pinned result sets could not show CLOB, BLOB, LONG, and LONG RAW values
  • Beta 2 would not restore a maximized application window state
  • Logon dialog history button was not displayed properly in dark mode
  • Scrollbars did not behave properly when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Directory selector could cause errors
  • Help window could not be maximized or restored from a minimized state
  • File Browser now has a sort option in the popup menu
  • Program Window tab change performance improvement
  • Difference Viewer could cause "List index out of bounds" error
  • SQL Window and Command Window now underlines whole word in case of errors
  • Restore Desktop and Load Workset now correctly sets the active window
  • Grid calendar popup form could not be fully controlled with the keyboard
  • Grid calendar popup form could be partially off-screen
  • Status line messages were not visible when "Allow multiple connections" was disabled

Marco Kalter
Allround Automations