We have released Beta 2 32 bit and Beta 2 64 bit with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Window List connection indicator color was not always correct
  • Title bar color of some forms (Statement Recall, Text Editor) could be incorrect
  • In Dark Mode some blue colors were too dark
  • Object Browser connection indicator did not work
  • 64 bit version did not have correct main icon
  • Workset Manager could give error when no Worksets are available
  • File -> Properties dialog would cause visual and stability problems
  • Updated image in the Logon dialog
  • Logon Dialog after Ctrl-H could suppress the first typed character of the password
  • Oracle Scheduler Job Run Details and Job Logs popup menu now includes a "Fetch All" item
  • Object Browser performance was not optimal when reopening folders
  • Added example images to "reduce icon size" preference
  • Starting the 64 bit version on Windows 10 1607 or earlier could lead to an "OpenThemeDataForDpi could not be found" error
  • Project Item names could be wrapped
  • Date/Time picker was not displayed correctly in dark mode
  • The Application Title could include the current filename twice
  • Newly created windows would not always be on top
  • Date/Time picker default date is now today
  • Break and Kill icons are now red
  • Buttons for Close and Restore added when Single Document Interface preference "Don't show tabs" is enabled.
  • New Code Contents icons for parameters and record fields to prevent ambiguity

Marco Kalter
Allround Automations