Hi. We are running PL/SQL Developer 9.0.6

I can see from various other posts, that there seems to be an issue with Copy/Paste not always working? We have the same problem, although it is very intermittant. Can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this, or if not, when one will be available?

The O/S system is Windows XP (32Bit) SP3.

Thanks. David Fensom
We do not yet have a fix, but we are working on it.

Can you let me know if you are perhaps using Remote Desktop when these issues occur?
I had the same problem, and I am NOT using remote desktop. My copy command is not working from de sql window, comand window, explaint plant window etc.. It just work from de result of a SQL (sql window), but just in the result table. Also I can do a copy command from other program and do a paste command in PlSQlDev. But not do a copy command, it works sometimes (eventually). That started when I wast testing de version 9. After that I had desinstalled a couple of times, and also the last time I also erased every file and register record about Pl/SqlDeveloper before to re-install. But, nothing ... the copy just work when it want... and most of the time NOT.
I found something today that can help you to answer others users. My problem is not only with PL/SQLDeveloper like I Thougth. That happends in others application, the point is de Copy is working but with TEXT ONLY. I detect that because in EXCEL I couldnt copy a formula, buy it copy the value (text). I look on internet a some page say something about the one java update. I did some test and for know when I open Internet Explorer (or Mozilla or Google Chrome) that problem with copy happened, and when I closed them the copy work fine again.
I also had the same problems with standard windows functions:
on PLD
WIN 7 (64bit)
ora client 32(bit)
In fact, all "shortcut" keys were not in Preferences.
After "manual" configuration they did start working , including Fn.
While it's not a big deal, it is a bit an annoyance.
I've seen that problem for couple versions already.
Another tip: good ole' shift+insert works flawlessly for "paste".
(windows 3.11 anyone ;-)... )
I got the same problem and I found a solution.

Just uninstall the keyboard driver and then restart the computer, following these steps:

Windows XP:
1. Right click on My Computer
2. Click on Properties
3. Click on tab Hardware
4. Open the Device Manager
5. Open the Keyboards list
6. Right click on the keyboard and then Uninstall it
7. Restart your computer

Windows Vista / 7:
1. Right click on My Computer
2. Click on Properties
3. Open the Device Manager (top left)
4. Open the Keyboards list
5. Right click on the keyboard and then Uninstall it
6. Restart your computer
Same issue on Windows Vista 6.0 Build 6002 (Service Pack 2). PL/SQL Developer Version Would be happy to forward any helpful info for debugging. PL/SQL Developer is the only application we see this issue with... very annoying bug wink

I had a similar issue - windows 7 and pl/sql dev Version It was happening when I heard certain web browsers open. The issue was with the 'Skype Click and Call' extension/add on - once I un-installed that from the web browsers everything in pl/sql dev worked fine :-)
Try this http:// www.letscopypaste.com , its an online clipboard tool

I had similar problems on Windows 7: it is an issue with the PS2 to USB converter. When I changed my old PS2 keyboard with the new one, the problem was gone...
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