I am stumbling upon this oracle error: ORA-24812: character set conversion to or from UCS2 failed.
When running the program normaly it works ok.
When starting the program on the same machine connecting to the same database from a windowsservice it is generating this ORA-24812 error.

The failing sql is doing a select on a table with a clob field. somethin like this.

select a.*,
decode(instr(clobfield, 'searchtext'), 0, 'F', 'J') textfound
from tablename a;

any help is appreciated

kind regards

Perhaps you can check if the Oracle environment is the same when running as a service? Specifically the character set of the NLS_LANG environment variable.
Hi Marco,

thanks for your reply.
It turned out to be a wacky instant client installation.
Installilng the full client seems to have fixed the problem.

kind regards
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